...YOU are still looking for SOMETHING SPECIAL for "your" wedding planning?

... definately want also a musical highlight, not the outworn standards?

...want the newlyweds or wedding anniversaries cheering with a unique musical performance -

  • with the immediately playable version sung
  • the playback version and your own personal singing / lyrics
  • live performed  by the "family band´s" cover version

- at any rate provide for a big surprise and find a very personal way to honor them?

Then you are right here!

"Hand in Hand"

was composed for wedding couples and wedding anniversaries and is available in 8 versions - each suitable for wedding or following wedding anniversaries - available:

  • Marriage                 Green Wedding
  • 10 years                  Rose Wedding
  • 15 years                  Crystal Wedding
  • 25 years                  Silver Wedding
  • 30 years                  Pearl Wedding
  • 40 years                  Ruby Wedding
  • 50 years                  Gold Wedding
  • 60 years                  Diamond Wedding

You can choose between two download packages (see caterories):

1. Basic package (BP)

  • Sung full version (about 4 min.)
  • text file

2. Complete package (CP)

  • sung full version (about 4 min.)
  • playback full version (about 4 min.)
  • text file
  • Sheet (original key)
  • Sheet (C Major)

Of course you get the desired full version of "Hand in Hand" as an mp3 - File in top quality. Each of the above music productions was recorded in a professional recording studio.

Special events deserve a special framework.

Make the wedding couple or the wedding anniversaries their special day unforgettable!

exclusively available here!